ADF Consulting | About us
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About us

From sketch to field

ADF Consulting specializes in capturing ideas and turning them into something magical

ADF Consulting is a company based in Dubai, with an expertise of over 20 years on project management, covering the entire Middle East countries. The company utilizes state-of- the-art technology and infrastructure to ensure that quality and prompt delivery are prioritized for the benefit of clients. We are committed to delivering efficient and cutting-edge services that will enable our clients surpass their business objectives, using our skilled personnel and the best technology. Our core competence lies in our ability to deliver quality and affordable services to our clients; building on our legacy of professionalism, efficiency and timely project execution.

Our quality consultancy & services solutions help in bringing to life projects from different industries and cover different support areas:

  • Waterparks and aquariums: design, manufacturing, installation, upkeep
  • Oil and gas: corrosion control
  • Contracting consultancy
  • MEP
  • Labor supply: good quality and fast execution through trained labors