Aqua Volant Technical Services | Our Partnerships
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Our Partnerships

Proslide Technology

Proslide Technology is one of our trusted collaborators. They design and manufacture the highest-performing water rides in the world.

Innovative. World-class Rides. World’s best parks.

Proslide iconic rides are loved by water park guests everywhere, making their owners some of the most successful parks in the business.

ProSlide provides visionary water park design for new and expanding indoor and outdoor water parks. Their collaborative, iterative master planning, based on decades of experience, takes waterparks from blank page to iconic legend.

ProSlide has pioneered almost every major water ride innovation and has the awards to prove it!

Pacific Surf Designs

Aqua Volant Technical Services collaborated with the Surf legends Pacific Surf to install their Wave Rider (the first in the GCC) at Wavehouse Atlantis the Palm Dubai.


Pacific Surf Designs are leaders in designing, manufacturing and installing sheet wave surf simulators/ wave machines for the waterpark, entertainment, leisure, retail, ski and restaurant industries as well as providing tailored solutions for private residences. Influenced by the exciting action sports industry, the attractions add the exhilarating medium of water to surface environments sought out by those addicted to surf, skate, snow, skim, wake and other boardsports alike.


Pacific Surf’s innovative designs are focused on safety, reliability and fun to keep your customers entertained with the most cutting edge products in the industry in an environment that is user friendly and easy to maintain.


A Pacific Surf Designs surf simulator uses one or more large pumps to accelerate water, creating a thin laminar sheet of water flowing over one of our custom-designed ride surfaces, allowing riders to perform incredible tricks and manoeuvres.


The beauty of Pacific Surf attractions is that they are active rides – meaning riders get better with practice and more ride time.

Wavehouse Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Sub Sea Systems

Aqua Volant Technical Services is the regional representative of Subsea Systems and a strong partnership and prior experience connects the 2 companies in delivering excellent innovations to their clients

Innovative. Immersive. Interactive.

Sub Sea Systems is Celebrating 30 Years Under the Sea, being a world leader in innovative products and underwater experiences for the marine tourism industry. Their talented team specializes in immersive, memorable and hands-on encounters that aim to educate through entertainment.

Sub Sea Systems’ Products

In 1985 they established their brand and built a reputation in the industry as engineers and fabricators of custom submersibles and semi-submersibles. Over the years their products have evolved as they reimagine ways to explore the world’s oceans. Sub Sea Systems is co-creator of the SNUBA shallow water diving system, co-founder of the award-winning hands-on nurse shark and stingray encounters, designer and creator of the SeaTREK helmet diving system, manufacturer of the FunCat electric catamaran and inventor of clear Lounge — the world’s 1st underwater oxygen bar.

Sea Trek

Comprehensive helmet diving systems and proven guided touring program — available for purchase or license.

Clear lounge

The world's 1st underwater oxygen bar — a self-contained, freestanding aquarium combined with Sea TREK.


Electrically powered, chaise lounge catamaran designed for commercial rental operations and private ownership.


The world's 1st underwater driving experience, designed as a themed attraction for water parks! Learn more here!